Dato Tema Lecturers
29/8 Introduction Lisbeth
5/9 Identity and self-narratives in a networked culture
+  method reflection (student)
+ discussion of theory paper (student)
Lisbeths slides
12/9 Understanding networked communities
+ Social network analysis workshop 1
Lisbeths slides
Luca Rossi
19/9 Dark? communities: trolls, hackers and dark play
+ we watch We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists (Brian Knappenberg)
Torill Mortensen Lisbeth
26/9 Politics and politicians in a networked culture
+ Social network analysis workshop 2
Bjarkis slides
Bjarki Valtysson
Luca Rossi
3/10 Civic Engagement and Empowerment
+ Social network analysis workshop 3
Lucas slides workshop 2 & 3
Luca Rossi
10/10 Counterpublics and Networked Activism
first discussion of your project ideas
Vasilis Galis
17/10 Efterårsferie
24/10 Networked Culture in the workplace
+ method reflection (student)
+ discussion of theory paper (student)
Mona Håkonsson, IBM
Anders Pollas, Podio
31/10 Etnography and Ethics
+ method reflection 1 (student)
+  method reflection 2 (student)
Steffen Dalsgård
7/11 Networked cultures in Asia: Resistance and Control
+ discussion of theory paper (student)
NB! Deadline for hand-in of project description Monday Nov 10 at 12 (noon).
+ Casper Wichmann
14/11 Project presentation day Lisbeth
Stine Gotved
21/11 Living in a viral culture
+ joint and individual supervision
28/11 Debate: Researching The Network Society anno 2014
+ individual supervision
+ students
5/12 Writing workshop & individual supervision Lisbeth
December 17 kl.13.50: Hand-in of paper 

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