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Exploring Network Culture is an advanced MA-course which focus on in-depth discussions of various aspects of living in,  understanding and analysing networked cultures.  We address the field úsing insights from research within the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences and Human-Computer Interaction.

The goal of the course is to:

• Further develop and refine analytical and methodological skills related to the study of networked culture

• Gain insight into specific research fields in the study of networked culture.

Relevant themes covered in this course include:

• Research on networked culture in specified research areas
• Social identity work in networked communities
• Trolling, hacktivism and dark play
• Notions of citizenship, empowerment and participation in networked culture
• Activism and radical politics in a networked context
• Ethical and methodological perspectives challenges
• Viral culture

Course language
Most lectures will be in Danish, but some in English, depending on the lecturer. Following also discussions and exercises might be either in Danish or English. Assignments and exam papers are to be written in Danish, unless we agree otherwise on individual basis.

Mandatory activities
This course requires two mandatory activities.

1) Hand-in of a two page project description prior to the project presentation day

2) Active presentation at the project presentation day, Nov. 14th

Course material
Readings for the course consists primarily of journal articles, available on the web or shared through this blog or LearnIT. These readings are supplemented by relevant material from the three books used in the previous module (Kozinets, Ackland, and the Paparacharissi anthology).

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