Designing ethical futures

In July 2019, VIRT-EU’s partner CIID Research led a workshop at the UN City in Copenhagen where international participants speculated on the future of new connected technologies. Participants mainly worked on how memory will evolve in the future and questioned how it could be commercialised into a product, service or something which can be embodied by others.

As a part of the workshop, students were able to test ethical tools designed as a collaborative effort by all members of the VIRT-EU project which aim at contributing to the development of better services and products in Europe.

Our team interviewed Monika Seyfried who in this video explains some of the concepts and ideas key to CIID’s practise and work with other members part of VIRT-EU.

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VIRT-EU is Values and Ethics in Responsible Technology in Europe – a European project funded by the Horizon 2020 program.