VIRT-EU is Values and Ethics in Responsible Technology in Europe – a European project funded by the Horizon 2020 program.

The VIRT-EU project brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers, designers and policy professionals in order to create practical tools to help technology developers think and talk about ethics in new and hopefully more productive ways. Rather than providing yet-another-checklist, the VIRT-EU toolkit offers a way for technology developers to gain the necessary language, structure and authority to convene and engage in conversations about ethics. Try our tools available online on our service package site.

Open-access publications and research
VIRT-EU submitted a series of deliverables and materials to communicate the scientific progress and milestones of the project to the Europian Commission. We have created a repository of our materials, research resources, datasets as well as several code repositories for our online tools available on Github. Access our repository here.

As an EU project, we are committed to providing our research output open access. Download our publications on our VIRT-EU’s open-access library.