Ethical Unboxing – Sammy Screamer by BleepBleeps

Dr. Funda Ustek-Spilda

This is the first video in our Ethical Unboxing series here at Virt-EU, where we will be unboxing internet of things (IoT) devices and review them from an ethical perspective. In this video, we are unboxing Sammy Screamer, a motion alarm by BleepBleeps.

One of the main reasons we decided to make these unboxing videos at Virt-EU is that it is incredibly difficult to get hold of privacy and security policies of IoT devices before actually buying them. Company websites usually only feature privacy policies for the websites and not the devices. 

In this video, our review focuses on the following values: 1) Security and Privacy, 2) Interoperability, 3) Usability and 4) Sustainability.

Stay tuned for our next video!