Looking for IoT manifestos, standards, guidelines and best practices

We have been working hard for the last six months learning what are the concerns that trouble innovators, developers and designers working in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT). Security and ethics keep coming up as really important in academia, industry and the media (see f.i. Berman & Cerf 2017 or Waddell 2017). Clearly this is an issue and yet there is little focused discussion of what is ethics and what is responsibility really here among the developers themselves. As one developer told us in conversation: “Ethics is the big elephant in the room whenever IoT is discussed”.

Yet innovation continues, new devices, services and solutions are constantly appearing so somehow people find guidance and answers. We started to wonder what references IoT developers use when they are negotiating questions of ethics and responsibility in the development of IoT solutions? What guides them when they’re in doubt?

To better understand this we are inviting IoT developers to share with us things like manifestos, guidelines, checklists, standards, best practices, laws, sayings, notes from their favorite teacher, post-it notes on computer screens or anything else that inspires, guides and supports them in the process of developing IoT technologies.

If you are an IoT developer and wish to help us understand how you make your decisions and what supports you in your practice we are happy to receive links to online documents, screenshots or photos, document attachments (in any format), your stories.