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Commoning Design & Designing Commons

Maybe you have heard designers throwing in the word Commons or Commoning in their conversation and are unsure what it is about? Or all you know is the Tragedy of the Commons? The Commoning design/Designing commons podcast introduces the notions of commons and commoning to design, making the concepts more approachable to design practitioners and researchers alike. Each episode will host a practitioner, a design researcher or a commons activist who will bring forward their views on the relationship between design and commons.

This is the page of the Commoning Design & Designing Commons podcast, and we will host and list the podcast’s episodes here as they get published. Approximately, once a month.

The Podcast is an initiative of the Interest Group on Commons and Commoning of IT Univeristy of Copenhagen, and managed by Giacomo Poderi, Joanna Saad-Sulonen, and Sanna-Maria Marttila.

The Podcast is also hosted and distributed through Anchor and available in all major podcast platforms (Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple & Google Podcast, …).


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