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Event – The Long Now of the Commons – 17th October 2019

In connection to the activities of the Interest Group on Commons and Commoning and to the coming to an end of the ISSP project, during the last few weeks, we have been busy organizing an outreach event centred on commons/-ing:

The Long Now of the Commons – People, Infrastructures and Dilemmas

17th October 2019, 9.00-16.30, IT University of Copenhagen

Only small details remain to be sorted out now. The large bulk of work has been done, and we are fairly sure that with all the diverse contributions that will be hosted by the event, we will have a very interesting day. You can find more information about the event, here.

The Long Now of the Commons will gather contributions by internationally renowned researchers and practitioners experts in the topic. Attendance is free and open to anyone interested.

If you plan to attend, please remember to register on eventbrite.

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I am a sociologist with a background in philosophy and STS. My research interests have always concerned the interplay between society and Information Technology through the lenses of co-construction processes. Broadly, I am interested in the role that participation plays in mediating use, design, and development aspects of IT as well as in characterizing relations among end-users, designers, and developers. My research builds on two main epistemological and methodological approaches: ethnographic, interpretive research and intervention-based research grounded on Participatory Design.

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