The Encyclopedia of Ludic Terms (EoLT) is an open-access resource established in 2022 by the ERC-Advanced-Grant project MSG – Making Sense of Games. The aim is to curate a growing lexicon of terms and concepts that are frequently used in game studies’ discourses. Games studies is a loosely defined field constituted by diverse researchers with various backgrounds, but with the common phenomena of interest: games, play and their surroundings. Given the diversity of contributing fields and disciplines, game studies is a fertile ground for academic discussion and exchange. With the high potential this cross-fertilization brings, comes the problem that many concepts and terms are derived from fields not every game studies scholar is familiar with. Thus, the Encyclopedia of Ludic Terms’ objective is to be a state-of-the-art source that covers the most prominent understandings of and discourses surrounding a term, offering a well-researched basis for new inquiries. 

Please find the EoLT at:  eolt.org