ALIFE Workshop: Exploiting synergies between biology and artificial life technologies: tools, possibilities, and examples

Venue: SUNY Global Center
Date: 30th of July, 2014

13:00-13:05 Introduction (Kasper Stoy)

Bio-Robot Hybrids

Chair: Martin Hanczyc
13:05-13:25 “Physarum polycephalum: towards a biological controller”, Benjamin Taylor, Andrew Adamatzky, John Greenman, and Ioannis Ieropoulos, University of West of England
13:25-13:45 “Designing a Robotic Platform Controlled by Cultured Neural Cells”, Atsushi Masumori, Norihiro Maruyama, Julien Hubert, Takeshi Mita, Douglas Bakkum, Hirokazu Takahashi and Takashi Ikegami, University of Tokyo, ETH Züruch
13:45-14:05 “Artificial control of microbial life: Towards a urine fuelled robot”, Papaharalabos G, Greenman J, Stinchcombe A, Melhuish C and Ieropoulos I, Bristol Robotics Lab, University of West of England
14:05-14:25 “Artificial photosynthesis coupled with electricity generation – microbial fuel cells as artificial plants”, Iwona Gajda, John Greenman, Andrew Stinchcombe, Chris Melhuish and Ioannis Ieropoulos, Bristol Robotics Laboratory, University of West of England
14:25-14:40 Discussion
14:40-14:50 Break

Bio-Inspired Artificial Life Systems

Chair: Kasper Stoy
14:50-15:10 “Dynamic Homeostasis in Packet Switching Network”, Mizuki Oka, Hirotake Abe, Takashi Ikegami, University of Tokyo,University of Tsukuba
15:10-15:30 “Evolution of Artificial Soundscape in a Natural Environment”, Norihiro Maruyama, Itsuki Doi, Atsushi Masumori, Mizuki Oka, Takashi Ikegami, Victoria Vesna, Charles Taylor, University of Tokyo, University of Tsukuba, UCLA
15:30-15:50 “Acquisition of information – using the environment to program chemical systems”, Lee Cronin, Cronin Group, University of Glasgow
15:50-16:05 Discussion
16:05-16:15 Break


Chair: Sabine Hauert
16:15-16:35 “Artificial Life Cells Run Amok?!”, Martin M. Hanczyc, University of Trento
16:35-16:55 “Towards EvoBot: A liquid-handling robot able to automatize and optimize experiments based on real-time feedback”, Andrés Faíña, Farzad Nejatimoharrami and Kasper Stoy, IT University of Copenhagen
16:55-17:15 “Soft to Wet: Morphogenetic Engineering in Synthetic Biology”, Jonathan Pascalie, René Doursat, Martin Potier, Antoine Spicher, Taras Kowaliw, Jean-Louis Giavitto and Olivier Michel, Complex Systems Institute Paris île-de-France, Université Paris-Est Créteil, Drexel University, IRCAM
17:15-17:30 Discussion
17:30-17:40 Break


Chair: Takashi Ikegami
17:40-18:00 “Assisted Evolution of Protocell Droplets in a Chemo-Robotic Platform”, Juan Manuel Parrilla Gutierrez, Cronin Group, University of Glasgow
18:00-18:20 “Insights from Swarm-Robotic Experiments on the Penetration of Targeted Nanoparticles into Tumors”, S. Hauert, M. Rubenstein, S. Berman, A. F. Bagley, R. Nagpal and S. N. Bhatia, Harvard-MIT, Bristol Robotics Laboratory, Harvard, Arizona State University, MIT
18:20-18:40 “Optimization of Biofilm Structure by Means of an Evolutionary Platform”, Florian Blauert, Michael Wagner and Harald Horn, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
18:40-18:55 Discussion
18:55-19:00 Final discussion and evaluation (Kasper Stoy)

Technological Evolution of Synergy Between Physicochemical and Living Systems