Seminar at ITU on October 10th 2019

Over the past few decades, concerns around the future of the commons – meaning collectively managed resources endangered by different forms of enclosures – have opened up inquiries into promoting fairer and more sustainable ways of being and acting together in the world. Commoning – the social practice of managing resources for everyone’s benefit – promotes ways of resisting and creating alternatives to the inequalities, contradictions, and threats of contemporary neoliberal western societies. Concrete examples of commoning abound in any human sphere: from the re-appropriation of urban spaces (e.g. through social housing, hackerspaces, urban gardening) to the nurturing of open digital spaces and infrastructures (e.g. commons-based peer production, creative commons); from environmental care (e.g. environmentalist collectives, energy saving communities) to political actions for (re)democratizing the economy and the society (e.g. platform cooperativism, anarchist commons). 
The whole day seminar will tackle key questions related to people, infrastructures and dilemmas in the context of commons and commoning, bringing forward the most current work of a series of international scholars.