Digitalisation, Welfare and Social Design is a research group that brings together researchers across the Digital Design Department at the IT University of Copenhagen around research areas such as digitalisation, marginalisation, ageing, welfare technology,  public co-creation, and community development. 

The research group are interested in how people design and use technologies; and the implications technologies have for people and society. This includes ageing people, vulnerable groups, and self-organising communities.

The group work with an understanding of design as social engaging, intervening and including, but also as practice and empirical sites, which includes a critical perspective towards techno-centric perspectives and a move towards a human-centric perspective on design.

The Digitalisation, Welfare and Social Design group study social practices - and social processes of technology and service design - and based on a strong foundation in both public institutions, companies, and universities, the members are working to create better digital designs at both individual, organisational and socioeconomic levels.