Themes and participants

This is the list of themes and their associated ‘advocates’ that will form the basis for our workshop:

  • Whose interest? Who is benefiting? A call for help in dealing with a troublesome case of urban commons in/for city development, Anna Seravalli
  • Designing with Political collectives: How designers can initiate platforms for collective learning with political collectives, Liesbeth Huybrechts, Tassinari, Virginia, Devisch, O. & Goyens, H.
  • Designing commons at Byhaven Sundholmen, Maria Foverskov
  • CommOnityRadio – A design game to support identity shift, different roles and perspectives, toward a commons-based governance of community radio stations, Roberto Cibin and Maurizio Teli
  • Research Through Design – Data visualisations to support a commons-based future, Sarah Macbeth
  • Data as commons, Amalia de Götzen, Nicola Morelli, Luca Simeone
  • Participatory recommoning, Dimeji Onafuwa and Kakee Scott
  • Designing knowledge commons and commoning design: collective forms of archiving, collecting, curating and documenting, Andrea Botero and Joanna Saad-Sulonen
  • Commoning, feminism and activism, Brenda Vértiz
  • Anthropophagy traces in a cultural commons platform, Frederick van Amstel
  • Caring for the commoners through the lense of affect, Giacomo Poderi
  • Exploring Smart Grids as relational commons, Santiago Sanchez Guzman