Civic Agency in Public E-service innovation

The CAPE project addresses the lack of user involvement in development of public e-services. by developing Civic Innovation Centres (CICs). The CIC is a novel innovation facility hosted in public libraries, where citizens engage in improvement of current e-services, as well as citizen-driven innovation of new services based on open public data. CICs will initially be developed in three project sites: Denmark (Ballerup Library, Ballerup), Finland (Oudi Library, Helsinki) and Sweden (Malmö City Library, Malmö). The goal is to initiate more CICs within the timeframe of the project.

The CAPE project is a three-year Nordic research collaboration financed by Nordforsk and the  local funding organisations: Innovation Fund Denmark, Forte (Sweden) and Academy of Finland.

The project consortium consists of the following partners: IT University of Copenhagen, project coordinator (Denmark); Aalborg University Copenhagen (Denmark); Ballerup Library (Denmark); Malmö University (Sweden); and Aalto University (Finland).


Christiansson J., Grönvall E., and Saad-Sulonen J. (2021) Setting the stage for the participatory design of public e-services: public libraries as hosts of Civic Innovation Centres. 18th Scandinavian Workshop on E-Government (SWEG),  Jauary 27-28, 2021.