Erik Grönvall

Erik is Associate Professor at the Digital Design department, ITU and a founding member of the Co-Design research group. Erik is also Head of the Co-design group since 2021. Erik’s research is situated within the HCI and CSCW research domains, is often Participatory Design/Co-design driven and may contain electrical or otherwise interactive prototypes that Erik design and build.

Erik researches the role technology has in everyday life, the notion of participation, how people appropriate technology and how technology can be designed to better align with the capabilities and needs of diverse users and/or organizations. Erik has worked with for example Participatory Design in weak, ill peoples’ homes, PD as a tool for organizational change, Service Design, Care networks, Tele-care and homecare. Erik also engages in technology explorations from an Interaction Design perspective to explore how humans react and relate to (now) technology.

Erik has managed several national and international projects (incl. partners from both academia and industry).

Erik currently teach Co-Design and Physical Computing at ITU where he previously also taught courses in for example Service Design and Python Programming.


Selected publications

Grönvall E., Lundberg, S. (2022). Exploring participatory pre-project processes: Making research work in municipality organizations. In the proceedings of OzCHI 2022: the 34th Annual Conference of the Australian Computer-Human Interaction Special Group, Canberra, Australia. 29 Nov – 2 Dec, 2022.

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AWARD: SIGCHI Honourable Mention Award (top 5% of all submissions).

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