Jörn Christiansson
(previously Messeter)

Jörn Christiansson (previously Messeter) is Associate Professor in Interaction Design at the Department of Digital Design, where he is also Head of Program for the Bachelor Program in Digital Design and Interactive Technologies. He has earlier been Associate Professor (Docent) in Interaction Design at School of Arts and Communication (K3) in the Faculty of Culture and Society at Malmö University, Sweden; Adjunct Professor at Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Informatics and Design, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa, and Assistant Professor at Department of Informatics, Lund University, Sweden.

He completed his PhD in informatics (2000) with a focus on computer supported collaborative learning. His current focus in research and teaching is mobile and ubiquitous computing, in particular place-centric computing, and participatory approaches to interaction design. He has published about 25 peer reviewed scientific articles.

Jörn has taught interaction design at bachelor level university courses since 1990 and at master level university courses since 1995. He has been part of running the influential two-year master’s program in interaction design at Malmö University since its start in 1998. He has also done consulting in interaction design for companies including Sony Ericsson, Epsilon, Inxl and Edison Solutions.


Selected publications

NOTE: Changed surname from Messeter to Christiansson

Christiansson, J., Grönvall, E., Yndigegn, L. S. (2018).
Teaching PD using Live Projects – Experiences from Four Years of Hard Work.
Accepted to PDC 2018: the Participatory Design conference 2018, ACM, Hasselt, Belgium, August 2018.

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Malmborg, L., Grönvall, E., Messeter, J., Raben, T. and Werner, K. (2016) Mobilizing Senior Citizens in Co-Design of Mobile Technology. International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction (IJMHCI), 8(4), pp.42-67.
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