Joanna Saad-Sulonen

I am an associate professor at ITU Copenhagen. I have a mixed academic and practical background in architecture, urban design and planning, new media, digital design, and HCI. My main research interest lies in participatory design, especially as it is positioned in contexts of civic participation, and how it unfolds over time. My doctoral dissertation, looked at possible combinations of different types of participation that take place in urban planning and in the design of information technologies. The main focus of my postdoc research has been on urban self-organized movements and communities in Aarhus and Helsinki. I have relied on ethnographic approaches to examine, along with members of these communities, what digital media and technologies they use and what type of intrinsic design activities involving IT – such as the shaping of community artefact ecologies – take place in self-organizatory settings. I have also been involved in the ethnographic study of a national research infrastructure, thus reinforcing the notions of infrastructuring and constructing the ethnographic field in my research. More broadly, I am engaged in the theoretical examination on and around the concepts of participation and collaboration across domains related to or intersecting with design.


Selected publications

Botero, A. & Saad-Sulonen, J. (In press). (Challenges and Opportunities of) Documentation Practices of Self-Organized Urban Initiatives. In Oswald Devisch, Liesbeth Huybrechts and Roel De Ridder (eds). Participatory design theory: using technology and social media to foster civic engagement. UK: Routledge.

Saad-Sulonen, J., Horelli, L., and Kahila, M. (forthcoming, 2018). Digital artefacts supporting the appropriation of public spaces and paths in Helsinki. To be presented at the City Street3 conference, 31stOct – 3rdNov 2018, Lebanon.

Saad-Sulonen, J., Eriksson, E., Halskov, K., Karasti, H. & Vines, J. (2018) Unfolding participation over time in the design of IT, CoDesign, 14:1, 1-3, DOI: 10.1080/15710882.2018.1426981

Saad-Sulonen, J., Eriksson, E., Halskov, K., Karasti, H. & Vines, J. (2018) Unfolding participation over time: temporal lenses in participatory design, CoDesign, 14:1, 4-16.

Saad-Sulonen, J. & Horelli, L. (2017). Urban self-organising groups as users of digital artefacts – Nordic experiences. Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu lehti (Journal of Finnish Urban Studies). 3:55.

Bødker, S., Lyle, P., & Saad-Sulonen, J. (2017). Untangling the Mess of Technological Artefacts: Investigating Community Artefact Ecologies. In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Communities and Technologies (pp. 246–255). New York, NY, USA: ACM.

Bødker, S., Korsgaard, H., Lyle, P. & Saad-Sulonen, J. (2016b). Happenstance, Strategies and Tactics: Intrinsic Design in a Volunteer-based Community. In Proceedings of the 9th Nordic conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Game-Changing Design (NordiCHI ’16). New York: ACM.

Bødker, S., Korsgaard, H. & Saad-Sulonen, J. (2016a). ‘A Farmer, a Place and at least 20 Members’: The Development of Artifact Ecologies in Volunteer Based Communities. In Proceedings of the Computer Supported Collaborative Work Conference, CSCW’16.