Keynote speakers

Axel Bruns

Dr Axel Bruns is a Professor in the Digital Media Research Centre at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, and was a Chief Investigator in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCi). He is the President of the Association of Internet Researchers.


Claes H. de Vreese (PhD)

is Professor and Chair of Political Communication and Program Group Director of Political Communication & Journalism at The Amsterdam School of Communication Research ASCoRDepartment of Communication Science,  University of Amsterdam. He directs the UvA Research Priority Area Communication. Finally, he is Adjunct Professor of Political Science and Journalism at the University of Southern Denmark.


Lina Dencik

Lina Dencik is Senior Lecturer at Cardiff’s School of Journalism, Media and Culture and serves as Director for the MA Journalism, Media and Communications and the newly established Data Justice Lab. Her research concerns the interplay between media developments and social and political change, with a particular focus on resistance and globalisation. Recently, she has moved into the areas of digital surveillance and the politics of data. 


Katrin Weller

Dr  Katrin Weller is an information scientist working at GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences in Köln (Cologne),  Department Computational Social Science. At GESIS, she is head of the team “Social Analytics and Services” and responsible for new approaches to using social media in social science research.


Alice E. Marwick

Alice E. Marwick is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and Faculty Affiliate at the Center for Media Law and Policy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she researches the social, political, and cultural implications of popular social media technologies.