CreepyLeaks – Making sense out of mobile phone privacy leaks through Electrical Muscle Stimulation​

The project explores how people perceive privacy leaks from their mobile phones. Privacy leaks (Data sent to third-party servers, also called Ad-servers) from a mobile phone or table are detected via a monitoring-app developed by researchers at University of California, Irvine (UCI). Through a specific hardware that connects to the mobile phone over Bluetooth, people can become aware of the leaks in real-time using on-body notifications. The project explore how people think and reflect about data leakage and the strategies they may apply to protect themselves from such leaks once they become aware of how their phones leak personal data.

Erik Grönvall (Associate Professor)

Irina Shklovski (Associate Professor)
In collaboration with Athina Markopoulou (UCI, US).


Article about CreepyLeaks in the Danish newspaper Politiken.