Welcome to the Eludamos Symposium and Doctoral Consortium: Futures of Games and Game Studies.

See the full programme here.


The symposium will be streamed via Zoom Webinar. Join via this link:


Getting to ITU Copenhagen

The ITU is located at Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 Copenhagen S.

The building sits by the canal between DR Byen, headquarters for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, and Copenhagen University’s southern campus.

The nearest metro station is DR Byen on the M1 line. Islands Brygge station, also on the M1 line, is also very close.

Getting to the rooms

The symposium and consortium is held in a different room each day. While ITU can be notoriously confusing to navigate, it is fortunately small enough that you will find your way eventually.

Day 1 is in 3A54, which means the third floor, wing A, room 54.

Day 2 is in 5A60.

Day 3 is in 4A58.

Wing A just means the room is accessible from the walkways surrounding the atrium. Each room is on the same side of the building, just on a different floor.

Enter through the revolving doors on either end of the building, go to the relevant floor and follow the walkway around – you will find the room before long.

Tea, coffee and snacks

Tea and coffee will be provided throughout the day outside the rooms during the breaks. Fruit will also be provided in the afternoon.

However, if you’d like a nicer, fancier coffee or tea, you can head to the student-run Cafe Analog on the ground floor in the corner by the information desk. Tea costs 5 kr, and espresso-based coffee costs 20 kr. Please note that they do not take cash at Analog, only card.

ITU also neighbours Ismargeriet who serve excellent ice creams.


We have booked the upper floor in the canteen, EatIT, for each day. The canteen is found on the ground floor in the southeast corner.

The canteen offers a range of options, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian warm buffets, a salad bar and an array of sandwiches and wraps. There are also some baked goods, candy bars and drinks.

You can find the menu here.


There are two planned dinners.

Wednesday 6 April

On the first day we have booked RizRaz. All participants (organisers, symposium speakers and consortium participants) are welcome.

Restaurant RizRaz, Store Kannikestræde 19, 1169 København

RizRaz is located in the centre of Copenhagen. From ITU, it is approximately 15 minutes by bike, 30 by public transport, or an hour on foot.

Everyone pays for their own meal. RizRaz serve modern Mediterranean food in a buffet. It costs 159 kr for a buffet.

The booking is for 19.00 and we have around two hours, so please arrive on time.

Thursday 7 April

On the second evening, we have booked a speakers and organisers only dinner at Vækst.

Vækst, Sankt Peders Stræde 34, 1453 København

Vækst is also located in the centre of Copenhagen, so also takes approximately 15 minutes by bike, 30 by public transport and an hour on foot from ITU.

The booking is for 18.00 and last for two hours, so please arrive on time.

Friday 8 April

For the final night, there is nothing planned. For those who haven’t yet left, there will be ad hoc plans made over lunch and coffee!

ITU’s student-run bar ScrollBar will be open from Friday afternoon, so it will also be possible to grab a cheap beer and discuss dinner plans immediately after the consortium.

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