PYCIPEDIA is a web-based collaborative tool for social workers that support parents with intellectual disabilities taking care of their small children. These particular social workers have been certified in providing parenting-skills training and support for parents with intellectual disabilities or with learning difficulties. As only a relatively small number of social workers are certified in providing the relevant support, there may be few colleagues to discuss with and learn from, even in larger municipalities with many social workers. To support social workers in providing the best possible support for the parents, the web-based collaborative tool PYCIPEDIA has been co-designed with social workers from two Swedish municipalities. The tool allows social workers to log in, and independent from what municipality they work in, create, browse, edit and share material (e.g. text, images and video) that can support the parents. They can discuss cases, rate online material, and access a forum. Pycipedia supports peer-learning and the creation of a learning organization.

The system is currently being tested in different Swedish municipalities.

Pycipedia is developed at ITU based on co-design work done together with social workers in two swedish municiplaities. The project is part of an ongoing collaboration with FoU Centrum – R&D Centre for health, care and social work, Linköping, Sweden.