GIFT is a Horizon2020-funded project exploring hybrid forms of virtual museum experiences, which utilise digital formats to enable new ways to explore the museum both as a physical and a digital space. By bringing together artists, designers and computer scientists, the project will prioritize user experiences over technology, and aim to facilitate meaningful experiences that allow for personal, complex and nuanced encounters with art and cultural heritage.

The project aims to develop:

  • A “gifting” prototype, allowing visitors to create personalised guided tours for their friends and loved ones
  • An “appropriation” prototype, allowing visitors to play games in both the physical and the virtual museum space
  • A framework with tools, theory and “best practice” guidelines for hybrid virtual museum experiences

We believe that one of the most important challenges digital technology poses for museums lies in creating meaningful and personalised user experiences. Personalisation is not just about showing the right “content” to the right “users”, but rather about helping visitors construct their own interpretations, engage in idiosyncratic sense-making and attaching personal value to their encounters.

Project start: 1 January 2017.
Duration: 3 years.

For more information, please see the full project description.


367faf6IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark (coordinator): Home to some of the world’s foremost researchers in computer games, playful design and digital culture


Blast Theory0ebfd0bfafdcfc2b720b2a5f8829c642, UK: An internationally renowned artist company with a history of groundbreaking work in new media, locative media and pervasive games since the 1990s


screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-12-03-20NextGame, RS: An international startup advertising company in Belgrade, with a strong interest in pervasive games and performance art


university_of_nottingham-svgUniversity of Nottingham, UK: Home to the Mixed Reality Lab, longtime innovators in locative media and research collaborators with Blast Theory


uppsalalogoUniversity of Uppsala, SE: Home to Annika Waern, pioneer and author of seminal works in pervasive games, game design and HCI



originalCulture24, UK: British charity which publishes about visual culture and heritage in the UK



imagesEuropeana Foundation, NL: The digital platform for European cultural heritage

The ITU team


Anders Løvlie – Coordinator (Assistant Professor)






Miguel Sicart (Associate Professor)





martin-pichlmairMartin Pichlmair (Assistant Professor)





Sarah Brin

Sarah Brin (PhD Fellow)





Karin Ryding

Karin Ryding (PhD Fellow)





Mace OjalaMace Ojala (Scientific Assistant)





ech2020This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727040