DECIDIS is a research initiative based at the IT University Copenhagen in Denmark. We work with a network of researcher from Danish, Nordic and international research environments.

  • What does the future digital political arena look like?
  • How do you create a productive and fruitful online debate culture?
  • What does social media mean in relation to citizens’ engagement in the political sphere?
  • How do political and social movements use digital media and for which purposes?
  • What digital rights and opportunities do citizens have and how do citizens protect their personal data online?

These are some examples of the core questions we study in the DECIDIS network. Our aim is to create knowledge about the profound and ongoing processes related to how we as citizens act and interact in the digital society. Given the intense pace of the development of communication technologies and their wide-ranging – if at times equivocal – impact on the way we live, think, and experience the world, it is our believe that research has a major responsibility to keep up with and illuminate the social and cultural transformations this ensues, not least in terms of their significance for democracy.

The overall purpose of DECIDIS is threefold:

1. To provide scholars with a collegial forum, framework and inspiration for discussions that build on previous and ongoing research within the intersecting areas of digital citizenship, digital culture and digital society.

2. To become a knowledge hub in the Scandinavian and international research environment, initiating and furthering discussions on the basis of innovative theoretical, analytical, and methodological understandings of the mentioned research questions.

3. To provide a cutting-edge point of departure for the framing, planning, and conduct of research projects within the area of DECIDIS.

The network is always interested in new research opportunities, collaborations and guest researchers, if interested please get in touch with Gitte Stald – stald [at] itu [dot] dk.