DECIDIS Projects (Selection)

Within the DECIDIS group at the IT University of Copenhagen, we are involved in the following research projects:


  • The GIFT project – A Horizon 2020-funded project exploring hybrid forms of virtual museum experiences (coordinated by Anders Sundes Løvlie)


  •  A pilot study researching information seeking behavior on Facebook (Martina Skrubbeltrang Mahnke)
  • A  project on Digital Social Inclusion (Mette Grønbæk Rasmussen and Morten Hjelholt, report)
  • Conference: The informed citizen in digital society (video, website)
  • DECIDIS survey 2016: Social media use & political engagement in Denmark (Danish, English)
  • DECIDIS survey 2017: Social media use & political engagement in Denmark (report)
  • A qualitative study of the media literate Danish citizens and their media use practices (funded by the Danish Agency for Culture, final report)
  • Following the 2015 Danish parliamentary election campaign in order to document and analyse current uses of digital and social media in the campaign, by both politicians and users (video)
  • A study of debate practices and framing of debate on Norwegian news papers (article)
  • A study of the use of Twitter and the relation between Twitter and political debates on TV in Italy
  • Researching the use of social media by activist movements in Sweden and Greece
  • Researching the concept of “voting” in relation to e-voting
  • Researching the development of Danish policy making in relation to the concept of the “digital citizen”