DECIDIS Publications (Selection)

Aske Kammer (IT University, Denmark)

Market Structure and Innovation Policies in Denmark. (2017). In H. v. Kranenburg (Ed.), Innovation Policies in the European News and Media Industry: A Comparative Study (pp. 37-47). Cham: Springer.

A welfare perspective on Nordic media subsidies. (2016). Journal of Media Business Studies, 13(3), 140-152. doi:10.1080/16522354.2016.1238272.

Online News: Between Private Enterprise and Public Subsidy. (2015) (together with S. Hjarvard). Media, Culture & Society, 37 (1), 115-123. doi:10.1177/0163443714553562.

The free-to-fee transition: audiences’ attitudes toward paying for online news. (2015) (together with Boeck, M., Hansen, J. V., & Hauschildt, L. J. H.). Journal of Media Business Studies, 12(2), 107-120. doi:10.1080/16522354.2015.1053345.

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Axel Bruns (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

Making Audience Engagement Visible: Publics for Journalism on Social Media Platforms. (2017). In: Bob Franklin and Scott A. Eldridge II, eds., The Routledge Companion to Digital Journalism Studies. London: Routledge.

Tweeting to Save the Furniture: The 2013 Australian Election Campaign on Twitter. Media International Australia 162 (2017): 49-64. DOI: 10.1177/1329878X16669001.

Big Data Analysis. In Tamara Witschge, Chris W. Anderson, David Domingo, and Alfred Hermida, eds., The Sage Handbook of Digital Journalism. London: Sage, 2016. 509-527.

Random Acts of Journalism’ Redux: News and Social Media. In Jakob Linaa Jensen, Mette Mortensen, and Jacob Ørmen, eds., News Across Media: Production, Distribution and Consumption. London: Routledge, 2016. 32-47.

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Christina Neumayer (IT University, Denmark)

Nationalist and Anti-Fascist Movements in Social Media. (2016) In A. Bruns, G. Enli, E. Skogerbø, A.O. Larsson & C. Christensen (eds.) The Routledge Companion to Social Media and Politics (pp. 296-307). New York: Routledge.

Activism and radical politics in the digital age: Towards a typology (2014). (together with Svensson, J.) In: Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, doi

Identity Negotiation in Activist Participation Online (2014). (together with Svensson, J., Banfield-Mumb, A. and Schoßböck, J.) In: Communication, Culture & Critique. 8, 1, p. 144–162.

The mobile phone in street protest: Texting, tweeting, tracking, and tracing (2014). (together with Stald, G.) In: Mobile Media & Communication. vol. 2 , no. 2, p. 117-133.

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Gitte Bang Stald (IT University, Denmark)

Youth culture (2016) (Chapter 10, p. 172-188, together with Cehyan, P.). In: de Souza e Silva, A. (ed.). Debates on Mobile Communication. Routledge.

Media Literacy i en dansk context: Specialrapport (2015) (together with Hjelholt, M. and Nielsen, L.).

EU Kids Online (2014) (together with Green, L., Barbovski, M., Haddon, L., Mascheroni, G., Ságvári, B., Scifo, B. and Tsaliki, L.).

Guidelines to prevent cyberbullying: a cross-national review (2013) (together with O’Moore, M., Cross, D., Valimaki, M., Almeida, A., Berne, S., Deboutte, G., Fandrem, H., Olenik-Shemesh, D., Heiman, T., Kurki, M., Stald, G. B., Fulop, M. & Sygkollitou).

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Kim Christian Schrøder (Roskilde University, Denmark)

From everyday communicative figurations to rigorous audience news repertoires. A mixed method approach to cross-media news consumption (2016) (together with Christian Kobbernagel), Mediekultur 32 (60), pp. 6-31.

 Q-Method and News Audience Research (2016), In: T. Witschge et al. (eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Digital Journalism, Los Angeles: Sage, pp. 528-546.

The Nature of News Avoidance in a Digital World (2016) (together with Mark Blach-Ørsten), In: Newman N, Fletcher R, Levy D, Kleis Nielsen R, eds., Reuters Digital News Report 2016. Oxford, UK: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

The relative importance of social media for accessing, finding, and engaging with news: An eight-country cross-media comparison (2014) (together with Nielsen, R.). Digital Journalism. DOI

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Lars Rune Christensen (IT University, Denmark)

On Intertext in Chemotherapy: an Ethnography of Text in Medical Practice. (2016) Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW): The Journal of Collaborative Computing and Work Practices. Volume 25, Issue 1, pp 1-38.

The Many Faces of Computational Artifacts. (2016) (together with Harper, R.H.) COOP 16: 12th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems, Trento, Italy, May 22th ­ May 27th 2016.

Documentscape: Intertextuality, Sequentiality & Autonomy at Work. (2014) (together with Bjørn, P.) CHI ’14: Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Toronto, Canada, 26th ­ Maj 1st, 2014.

Techno-anthropology for Design. (2014) In Børsen, T. & Botin, L. (eds.) What is Techno-anthropology? Aalborg University Press.

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Lisbeth Klastrup (IT University, Denmark)

“I didn’t know her, but…”: parasocial mourning of mediated deaths on Facebook RIP pages (2014), New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia.

Between control and creativity: challenging co-creation and social media use in a museum context (2014) (together with Holdgaard, N.), Digital Creativity. 25,3.

Game of Thrones: Transmedial Worlds, Fandom, and Social Gaming (2013) (together with Tosca, S.), Storyworlds across Media: Toward a Media-Conscious Narratology. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.

Blog og mikroblogging (2014), In: Medie- og kommunikationsleksikon. Kolstrup, S., Agger, G., Jauert, P. & Schrøder, K. (eds.). 3 ed. København: Samfundslitteratur.

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Luca Rossi (IT University, Denmark)

15 years of protest and media technologies scholarship: A sociotechnical timeline (2016) (together with Neumayer, C.), Social Media + Society. Volume 2 (3).

Multilayer Social Networks (2016) (together with Dickison, M. and Magnani, M.), New York: Cambridge University Press.

Cyberprotest: Protest in the Digital Age (2014) (together with Artieri, B.), Protest, Culture & Society, Vol. 11.

Conversation retrieval for microblogging sites (2013) (together with Magnani, M. and Montesi, D.), Information Retrieval, 15, 3-4.

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Lynn Schofield Clark (University of Denver, USA)

Young People and the Future of News: Social Media and the Rise of Connective Journalism. (2017) (together with Marchi, R.). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Participant or zombie? Exploring the limits of the the participatory politics framework through a failed youth participatory action project. (2016) The Information Society, 32:5, 343-353.

Participants on the margins: #BlackLivesMatter and the Role that Shared Artifacts of Engagement Played Among Political Newcomers on Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. (2016) International Journal of Communication 10(2016), 235-253.

Can social media be a space for democratic inclusivity? (2015) Social Media + Society (Manifesto Issue) 1:1.

Young People and the Future of News. (2017) (together with Marchi, R.). Cambridge University Press. News release and info on the book:

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Martina Skrubbeltrang Mahnke (IT University, Denmark)

#RIPInstagram: Examining user’s counter-narratives opposing the introduction of algorithmic personalization on Instagram. (2017) (together with Josefine Grunnert and Nicolai Traasdahl Tarp) Frist Monday, Volume 22 (4).

Der Algorithmus, bei dem man mit muss? Ein Perspektivwechsel. (2015) Communicatio Socialis. Zeitschrift für Medienethik und Kommunikation.

Algorithm the algorithm. Society of the Query Reader. (2014) (together with Uprichard, E.), René König and Miriam Rasch (eds), Society of the Query Reader: Reflections on Web Search, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures.

The socio-technical dynamics within algorithmic media. (2013) Presentation at the Brown-Bag Seminar. April 15th, 2013. Roskilde University.

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Morten Hjelholt (IT University, Denmark)

Resonating Sentences – Acts of legitimization in IS projects. (2015) Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems. Vol 28, issue 2 (2015).

The Shaping of Immigration News. (2015) Book Review, Journal of Media and Communication Research. Vol 31, No 58 (2015).

The Digital Outcasts – Advanced Margins in Digital Societies. (2015) 13th International Conference on e-Society.

Counter-Democratic Surveillance: The Watchful Eye of a Local Institution. (2013) 6th Biannual Surveillance and Society Conference.

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Sander Andreas Schwartz (IT University, Denmark)

Public and proud: How and why some citizens use their Facebook network as a personal public (2017). First Monday. Volume 22 (2).

Campaigning and Contestation: Comments on politicians’ Facebook pages during the 2011 Danish general election campaign (2015). Social Media + Society.

Internettet og folketingsvalget 2011 (2013) (together with Klastrup, L.), Internettet og folketingsvalget 2011. Danske Medier, Ch. 2, p. 28-38 10 p.

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Steffen Dalsgaard (IT University, Denmark)

Dalsgaard, S. (In press). The Ethnographic Use of Facebook in Everyday Life. (Anthropological Forum 26, 1).

Digital Optimering (2015) (together with Gad, C.), Tidsskriftet Antropologi. 70, p. 153-169.

Carbon Value between Equivalence and Differentiation (2014), Environment and Society. 5, p. 86-102.

Value, Transvaluation and Globalization (2014) (together with Otto, T.), etropic. 13, 2, p. 1-6.

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Vasilis Galis (IT University, Denmark)

A Sociology of Treason: The Construction of Weakness (2014) (together with Lee, F.).

On dis/abled clandestine bodies: Producing European borders through uneven technological battles (2013) (together with Tzokas, S. & Tympas, A.).

On the production of clandestine dis/abled bodies: European borders, migrants and policing technics (2013) (together with Tzokas, S. & Tympas, A.).

Underground Politics: Transport Networks, Urban Borders/Bodies and Assemblages of Resistance (2013) (together with Summerton, J.).

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