Public Talk | Big data, big surveillance: China’s social credit system

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Dr. Jing Zeng, post-doc fellow at Hans-Bredow-Institut in Hamburg, will be visiting DECIDIS during week 10.
Friday March 9 at 14:00 in Auditorium 4 She’ll give a public lecture on the topic: “Big data, big surveillance: China’s social credit system”.

here you can read a short abstract of it:

With a mission to “raise the awareness of integrity and the level of trustworthiness of Chinese society”, the Chinese government uses the Social Credit System to score its 1.4 billion citizens’ trustworthiness through their social behaviors. The social credit system will not be fully implemented nationwide until 2020, but various scoring and ranking schemes have been implanted by local governments.

This system does not only assess one’s behavior, infiltrating many more aspects of people’s daily life. Actions that can now harm personal credit record include not showing up to a restaurant without having canceled the reservation, cheating in online games, leaving false product reviews and jaywalking. Those with low scores may face restrictions to their travel and public service access.
The role of big data in the project has received broad attention from academics and commentators, due to concerns about how the Chinese government may use its power to intensify surveillance. In this talk, the speaker will focus on how data from online platforms can potentially be integrated to the social credit system, as well as its consequences.

To know more about China’s social credit system you can read a recent article written by Jing ( or join us for the public lecture.