Conference: The Informed Citizen in Digital Society

What? Conference and workshops
When? Nov. 25th kl. 13-16, follow by Friday bar
Where? AUD 1 // IT University of Copenhagen // Rued Langgaards Vej 7
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The “informed citizen” is an idea and ideal brought forth by philosophers such as Rosseau, who advocated for the informed citizen as the fundamental basis of modern democracy. In an age where we can witness a fundamental shift of information sources, e.g. from traditional newspaper to Facebook, the question of being informed has arguably reached new relevance. Further, in relation to the recent US election, can the outcome be explained through the notion of people being un- or misinformed? If being informed is such a pivotal element of democratic society, does it matter where we find the information? How do we practice the distribution and production of information, and how do we decide what kind of information is important to foster an informed citizenry? These are some of the questions our panel including Henrik Dahl (Liberal Alliance), Rolf Bjerre (Alternativet), Ingrid Ank (Grundtvigsk Forum) and Gitte Stald (ITU) will discuss. The conference is free and we are looking forward to welcome you.