Public Lectures: Critical perspectives on civic agency and social media

Thomas Poell, University of Amsterdam
Julie Uldam, Roskilde University

Friday, 13 May 2016
13:00-15:00, IT University of Copenhagen
Room: 4A14

These public lectures bring together scholars who apply a critical perspective to social media, which has become integral to contemporary activism and civic agency. Far from being neutral platforms on which people can freely and openly interact in
order to create civic agency, social media have their own inherent materiality, shaping how we engage, protest, resist, and struggle. This materiality may entail the wires and silicon of technology, the codes and algorithms of digital platforms, and the commerciality of social media. The public lectures seek to address the mediation and mediatization of protest at the intersection of civic agency and algorithmic control to address questions such as: What are the
challenges and potentials of social media for civic agency and activism within a contested space of media corporations and logics? How do commercial social media platforms shape contemporary forms of protest? And what are the implications for grassroots action?

Everybody is welcome, no registration needed!

Detailed information in the PDF.