DECIDIS goes to Phoenix

DECIDIS is going to be present at the upcoming IR16 conference organised by the Association of Internet Researchers in Phoenix, AZ from 21-23 October.

We’ll be presenting some of our ongoing research through the three days of the conference:
During the pre-conference activities Luca Rossi is co-organising a workshop on Social Media research methods “#FAIL! Things That Didn’t Work Out in Social Media Research – And What We Can Learn From Them” and he’s giving a talk with the title “The fourth deadly sin of social media researchers (or: scientific research and unstable socio-technical platforms)“.

Thursday Luca is also presenting the paper “From Moon to Comet Landing: re-imagining (scientific) media events in the Age of Twitter“, while Friday he’s participating in the panel “Adoption and Adaptation: Diachronic Perspectives on the Growing Sophistication of Social Media Uses in Elections Campaigns” where he’s presenting a focus on the Italian case.
Saturday Gitte Stald is presenting her paper ” Would you vote from your mobile? Young Danes’ perceptions of the Mobile as a Democratic Tool and Symbol”.

It’s going to be a very busy week for DECIDIS people in the sunny Phoenix but we’ll try to update the blog and the live-tweet the conference as much as we can.