DECIDIS @Nordmedia 2015

Several researchers related to the DECIDIS research initiative have presented papers at the Nordmedia 2015 conference at the University of Copenhagen this week. Nordmedia is the big biannual conference for all Nordic media researchers, and in general this is the place to go if you want to know more about the use of digital media in the Nordic countries for mundane, civic, democratic and political purposes.

Here is what we talked about:
Christina Neumayer & Luca Rossi: “A Socio-Technical Timeline of Protest Scholarship across Online Media”

Johan Dam Farkas & Jannick Schou: ““Take Action Now and Share This”: Mapping the Micro-dynamics of Political Participation through Facebook.”

Lisbeth Klastrup: “When Facebook took it all – a Study of Social Media Use by Danish Politicians from 2005- 2015”

Jakob Linaa Jensen: “Social sharing of news – gatekeeping and opinion leadership on Twitter”

Bjarki Valtysson: “Restaging the past: Digitized cultural heritage, cross-­‐media communication and participation”

International network partners:
Anders Olof Larsson & Eli Skogerbø: “Out with the old, in with the new? Perceptions of social media by local and regional Norwegian politicians”

Kirill Filimonov, Uta Russmann & Jakob Svensson: “Picturing the Party: Political Party Uses of Instagram in the Swedish 2014 Elections.”

luca presenting
Luca Rossi presenting his and Christina Neumayer’s meta research on digital protest participation research