DECIDIS-E to study the Danish Election for Parliament campaign 2015

The DECIDIS research subgroup – DECIDIS-E – consisting of researchers Sander Schwartz, Morten Hjelholt, Luca Rossi and Lisbeth Klastrup, plus student assistants Jannick Schou Hansen and Johan Farkas, will be following and collecting data throughout the Danish Parliamentary Election Campaign running from May 27th to June 18th, 2015. We will focus on patterns, trends and democratic challenges related to the use of social media by politicians, political parties, the press and the public in Denmark.

The group has – prior to the start of the election campaign – interviewed the online and social media campaign managers in the political parties, to get a sense of how the use of social media during the campaign were conceptualised within the parties from a professional communication perspective. We will be publishing results from these interviews and various other findings, related to the use of especially Facebook and Twitter during the election, at conferences, in short papers and academic articles once we have looked more closely into our data after the election. Watch this space for more info as the campaign develops.

election celebration
Local ITU researchers celebrating the call for election, May 27th.

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