DECIDIS-members at ECREA

This week, some members of the DECIDIS group will attend the 2014 ECREA conference (European Communication Research and Education Association).

And what are they doing there?

Associate Professor at ITU Gitte Stald will present her research on Young Danes’ willingness to vote on their mobile phones. Through surveys during the last ten years, Gitte Stald presents how young Danes are equally positive but also sceptic towards the concept of voting from a smart phone. Surprisingly, this attitude has only changed very little towards the positive the last ten years. Gitte Stald will elaborate on this Thursday 5.30 – 7 pm at the ECREA Conference in Lisboa.

Assistant Professor Luca Rossi will also present his paper, which looks at the digital media use during the 2013 Italian general election.  Here, he looks at how political actors have utilised new media like Facebook and Twitter (in different ways and with different results), but also how users of these media orient themselves in the debate. Luca Rossi will be on this Friday 2.30-4 pm at the ECREA conference in Lisboa.

It will be exciting to follow our DECIDIS representatives and what they will learn about the impact of the digital on politics, voting and democracy in the next few days.

You might want to follow them on Twitter?
Gitte stald @gstald and Luca Rossi @LR

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