DECIDIS – A Strategic Initiative at ITU

The relevant work and initiative of DECIDIS has now been accepted as a strategic initiative at the IT-University of Copenhagen!

With this acknoweledgement of DECIDIS comes the necessary focus and funding opportunities so that DECIDIS can become a strategic area and possibly result in projects under Horizon 2020.

Much work has been put into DECIDIS even before it has been granted the status of a strategic initiative. Application for Marie Curie post doc.,  applications for additional funding, work on DECIDIS-related research projects and submission of papers for conferences are just some of the activities undertaken in DECIDIS-regi. Furthermore, students at ITU will have a DECIDIS-related elective course as an option in spring 2015.

We keep you updated here on our activities. Also, feel free to follow us on twitter @DEC1D1S where we update on the work – both here at ITU and at conferences around the globe.

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