What kind of picture gets more than 6 million likes on Facebook?

If someone told me that a picture on Facebook had gotte more than 6 million likes – from more than 20 countries and from 5 continents – I might wonder what that picture showed. Great political scandals, war zone revelations, great nature catastrophes. But that’s not the case.

Lisbeth Klastrup, researcher at ITU, is participating in the 15th conference by the Association of Internet Researchers (http://ir15.aoir.org/). Her contribution is the presentation on Heartwarming Moments, which includes research on popular memes from Facebook. And the above-mentioned picture? That’s part of her sample.

The picture (or really, it’s two pictures) show the wedding picture of a young couple and then next to it, a picture of the same couple after 80 years of marriage. You can see the picture here.

The interesting part of this is what we can make of this? These kinds of memes, Lisbeth Klastrup has named these kinds of viral elements discrete mundane memes. And these memes might seem banal at first, but then what is it that makes millions of people like them, and hundreds of thousands to comment on them and share them? These are some of the questions that Lisbeth Klastrup asks in Heartwarming Moment at the conference.

And if you are up for a darker side of internet research, researcher at ITU Stine Gotved will also participate in the conference with her research on the digital aspect of Death – read more about it here.


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