Helena Karasti

I am full professor at ITU Copenhagen. I am an interdisciplinary scholar with formal degrees in information systems design, studies in social sciences and extensive experience in interdisciplinary research.

One of my main lasting research interests has been in the integrations of ethnography and participatory/collaborative design, bringing together these two traditions in mutual, exploratory relations that radically reposition ethnography as tightly coupled into the very doing of design. While I have a keen interest in situated sociomaterial practices, local co-design and invention, my exposure to Science & Technology Studies (STS) has brought in consideration for the multiple connections and extended scopes of change and transition involved in digitalization. Bringing infrastructure studies to bear on my interest in the integrations of ethnography and participatory/collaborative design, has created another long-lasting research interest in the research area of infrastructuring, in whose establishment and consolidation I have actively participated. Some of the topics I often come back to are care, in(ter)vention and participation.

I have a strong record of empirical investigation in practice-based research, design, and development projects with varied participants and stakeholders, including citizens, organizations, companies and communities in both academic and non-academic settings. Two of these are particularly long-term engagements: clinical radiology (1994-2001) and ecological/environmental research (2002-ongoing). In relation to the latter, I have collaborated with the Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) program and networks internationally, engaging with their data management/curation and research infrastructure formation.

I have previously held academic positions in Finland, USA, Sweden, Germany and Denmark.

I currently teach Service Design courses.


Designing an Infrastructure for Heterogeneity of Ecosystem Data, Collaborators, and Organizations (2002) http://news.lternet.edu/article[field_story_id-id].html-101.html

The Challenge of the Long-Term Perspective for Data-Intensive Collaboration in e-Research (2007-2014).

OpenRisk – Social Media support for communities promoting safety and work well-being. (2010-2011).

The science stories behind the data – A Biography of the SGS-LTER (2012-2014). http://news.lternet.edu/Article2653.html

Multi-scoped infrastructuring: Forming a knowledge infrastructure for ILTER Network (MULTICS, 2016-2018), http://interact.oulu.fi/multics

Selected publications

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