Clémentine Schelings Visiting Post-doc

I hold a MS degree in Architectural Engineering (2016) and a PhD in Engineering Sciences (2021) from the University of Liège in Belgium. My interdisciplinary thesis is about the renewal of participatory approaches in the making of the Smart City. In this context, I worked as a research engineer on an ERDF project entitled “Wal-e-Cities” focusing on citizens’ wellbeing in the Smart City. I developed methodological and theoretical frameworks for citizens’ involvement. I also spent one year within the GRAD research group at the University of Montreal.

My current interests are user-centered design, co-design and citizen participation in the digital age. My post-doc research will investigate how participatory approaches could be supported by new technologies. I am interested by the complementarity of digital and analog tools in order to engage and empower citizens, both from professionals’ and users’ perspectives.

During my visiting stay at the Co-design research group at the IT-University, I will join the Civic Agency in Public E-services project (CAPE).

Selected publications

Schelings, C., Calixte, X., & Elsen, C. (2020). Advocating for Participation in Design: Designers’ and Non-designers’ New Roles and Responsibilities. International Journal of Design Management and Professional Practice, 14 (3), 9–27.

Lago, N., Durieux, M., Pouleur, J.-A., Scoubeau, C., Elsen, C., & Schelings, C. (2019). Citizen Participation through Digital Platforms: the Challenging Question of Data Processing for Cities. In IARIA (Ed.), Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Smart Cities, Systems, Devices and Technologies (7 p.). Nice, France.

Schelings, C., & Elsen, C. (2019). “Smart” Participation : Confronting Theoretical and Operational Perspectives. International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems, 12 (1–2), 1–13.