Net Children Go Mobile

The project Net Children Go Mobile is aimed at studying the post-desktop media ecology that children inhabit and its consequences on young people’s online experiences. More specifically, the project is articulated in the following objectives:

  1. producing new, relevant, robust and comparable findings regarding the use of mobile internet and divides in usage, skills and participation, among children aged 9-16 in Denmark, Italy, Romania and the UK
  2. providing robust and comparable data on the incidence and nature of online risks associated with accessing the internet by means of mobile devices, as compared to online risks more generally;
  3. pointing out which children are particularly at risk and why, by examining vulnerability factors (at both individual and country levels)
  4. evaluating children’s own coping responses to risk, including their media literacy
  5. examining the motivations behind and effectiveness of parental mediation, teachers’ and youth workers’ mediation and awareness strategies
  6. identifying and disseminating key recommendations relevant to the development of safety awareness initiatives in Europe.

You can read more about the project here.