C² People

Here you can read about the researchers of C² at the ITU

Gitte_StaldGitte Stald
Gitte is Associate Professor, ph.d., and head of the research group Culture & Communication. Her primary research areas are digital media, democracy, citizenship, and participation ; mobile media and social change; digital youth media cultures; digital media and globalisation. She participated in a lot of different EU research projects, latest  in the networks/projects EU Kids Online 2006-2014 and in Net Children Go Mobile 2012-2014. She has published articles on subjects such as media and cultural globalisation, adolescents’ digital media cultures, and mobile media and communication. She is co-editor of Global Encounters: Media and Cultural Transformation (2002) and of Digital Aesthetics and Communication, Northern Lights vol 5, 2007.

christina_neumeyer_c2Christina Neumayer
Christina Neumayer is an Assistant Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, in the Communication and Culture research group. Her research interests include digital media and radical politics, social media and activism, social movements and civic engagement, publics and counterpublics, surveillance and monitoring, and mediated political communication. Christina has been an H-STAR visiting researcher at Stanford University, a research fellow at the Information and Communication Technologies & Society Center at the University of Salzburg, and worked as a journalist for print media

Susana_ToscaSusana Tosca
Susana is an associate professor at the IT University of Copenhagen. Her PhD thesis, a poetics of hypertext literature, was awarded the “summa cum laude” distinction in 2001.
She has worked for many years on electronic literature, the storytelling potential of computer games, and complex reception processes, with a side interest in fan activity and the distributed aesthetic formats of the Web 2 era. Her last book is the second edition of “Understanding Videogames” (Routledge, 2013).Susana is right now involved in a project funded by the Danish Ministry of Education in order to test the pedagogic effect of different forms of digital creativity at primary schools. She is also running a project studying different aspects of electronic reading such as reading literature on tablets and online reader communities.

Torill_profil_c2Torill Elvira Mortensen
Torill is an associate professor at the IT-University of Copenhagen since July 2010. Before that she was an associate professor in media and communication at Volda University College, Norway, where she worked from 1991 – 2010. Her Ph D is on games and culture: Pleasures of the player, flow and control in online games (2003), and much of her research and publications are on games, players and playfulness more generally in social media. Her teaching is currently mainly concerned with Digital Rhetoric.
She is head of the Digital Joy research initiative. Digital Joy is a transmedial research initiative, looking at how playfulness and play permeats  user activities across platforms and across media.

Stine_Gotved_c2Stine Gotved
Stine is Associate Professor in Digital Communication and Society at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. With a background in Cultural Sociology, she earned her Ph.D. in Cyber Sociology back in 2000. Stine Gotved has been involved in the field of Internet Research since the very beginning and her research interests evolves around the sense of online belonging, digital culture, and virtual team performance (2009-­2012 as an independent consultant).
Currently, the research interests are divided between two main areas: a) how the physical death is manifest in online environments, and b) methods to support online project management and accelerate teambuilding in distributed teams.

LucaDECIDISLuca Rossi
Luca is Assistant Professor at the Communication and Culture research group of the IT University of Copenhagen. He is active in the field of digital methods for social sciences. His research has always been highly interdisciplinary trying to connect traditional sociological approaches with computational approaches. He did research on online social networks sites and on online information propagation during crisis events. At the same time he worked on extending traditional social network analysis techniques for social media analysis. Within this field of research he is working on new approaches for unstructured communities detection and mapping.

LisbethKLisbeth Klastrup
Lisbeth is an Associate Professor with the C2 group. Her research focuses on the use of social media, from a mundane, cultural and political perspective. Another area of research is transmedial worlds and transmedial world use. She has published several articles in the field, and is editor of two books, Digitale Verdener (with Ida Engholm, DK 2004) and the International Handbook of Internet Research (2010, with Hunsinger and Allen). She is currently working on an introductory book in Danish on Social Network Services. She is involved in both the DECIDIS and the PEACH research initiatives, and is an active member of the Death Online Research Network.

Ryom pictureRasmus Ryom Nørholm
Rasmus is Research Assistant at the IT-University of Copenhagen. Research interests include social, cultural and political aspects of media and communication in contemporary society. With a particular interest in new media technologies’ influence on democracy, I Study politicians’ strategic use of social media. Thus my research is focused on how politicians use social network sites like Twitter and Facebook in their communication to and with the public as well as how (or if) social media is empowering citizens who wish to take part in political discussions.

Morten_decidisMorten Hjelholt
Morten is Assistant Professor at the Communication and Culture research group of the IT University of Copenhagen. He did his PhD within the field of Political Science with a focus on digitalisation of the Danish public sector. Morten has a special interest in the field, where politics, public processes and IT meet.

NHNanna Holdgaard
Nanna is a Research Assistant in the PEACH research initiative. She recently completed her PhD at the IT University of Copenhagen (June 2014). Her research interests concern the appropriation and reception of online media within the cultural heritage sector.


DA_bylinebilderAnders Sundnes Løvlie
Anders is Assistant Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen and Associate Professor II at Gjøvik University College. His main research areas are media studies, UX design, locative media, online debate and games. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Oslo with a dissertation titled “textopia: experiments with locative literature”. He has been a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Recently he has led the project “Online debate after 22 July”, which investigated changes in Norwegian online debate after the 2011 terrorist attack.​

Laura Laura Høvsgaard Nielsen
Laura, Cand.It., Scientific Assistant in the Culture & Communication Group at the IT University of Copenhagen In 2014-15 she works on the Den mediekompentente borger og media literacy i Danmark project together with Gitte Stald and Morten Hjelholt and in collaboration with Kulturstyrelsen and the Danish Media Council. Laura’s research interests lie at the intersection between Media Studies, Science & Technology Studies (STS), Infrastructure Studies and Ethnographic Methods.