The Culture and Communication research group invites you to a public seminar. Everyone is welcome!

Playing Politics – When computer games meet politics

5 October, 2015, 10.00-12.00,

Room 2A54 at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Speakers: Leonard Mechiari, developer of Riot Simulator; Susanna Tosca, IT University of Copenhagen, and Ayoe Quist Henkel, Aarhus University.

The three speakers will present two cases of computer games that are highly controversial due to their politics. Critical questions are raised when ethics, critical game design, provocation, civic unrest, riots, public outrage and the history of slavery meet visuals, aesthetics, rhetoric, design, storytelling and code.

Slave Tetris?

There has recently been a lot of public outrage about a Danish produced game, Playing History 2- Slave Trade (Serious Games), which included a mini-game in which the player (recommended for ages 8-14) had to stack slaves formed as Tetris pieces into a ship. The game mechanics was intended to provoke disgust so as to create social conscience. But can children decode procedural rhetoric in the right way? What are the ethic dilemmas related to children’s consumption of fiction and games? We will introduce this case, including material from the game producers and open the floor for a discussion of ethics and kids digital media consumption.

Susanna Tosca is an associate professor in the Culture and Communication research group at the IT University of Copenhagen. Ayoe Quist Henkel is a PhD fellow at the School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University.

Riot Simulator

RIOT is a riot simulator based on real events that have been influencing the western civilization in the past few years. It includes 4 main campaigns set in: Italy (NoTAV movement), Greece (Battle of Keratea), Spain (Indignados movement), and Egypt (Tahrir Revolution).  More information about the riot simulator:, Official trailer on YouTube:

Leonard Mechiari, previously an Editor/Cinematographer at Valve, and developer of the Riot Simulator about himself: “I’m developing an RTS-like videogame based on social conflicts.”




Conceptualising the user (formerly known as reader or audience)

C2 seminar 15th of August  9.00 – 18.00 in Brumleby, Østerbro (more info to follow)

We kindly ask all members of C2 to contribute to our group’s big seminar and social event with a short presentation answering this question:

What is your understanding of the people engaging through digital media?

(Theoretical/methodological/ analytical perspectives all welcome)

Presentations: 10 – 15 minutes (final structure when we know the material)