About C²

The Culture & Communication Research group (C²) is constituted by scholars with an interdisciplinary research agenda positioned at the intersection of media and communication, culture and social science.

The use, development, and social integration of digital media are investigated in broader social and cultural contexts, focusing on the way in which people use media and the cultural and social implications of media engagement at the level of society, groups, networks and individuals. The academic background and methods of the researchers originate from communication studies, media studies, sociology, psychology and information sciences, literary studies, cultural studies and the sociology of culture. The group investigates the contexts of technology use and identifies how existing technologies functions and develop as a result of the complex interplay of individual, social and cultural concerns, on both a local and global scale.

C² is a platform for theoretical, methodological, and analytical discussions and collaborations across the various research foci and interests. Scholars affiliated with C² are also working in research projects and research networks with focus on specific research problems, theoretical and methodological traditions. C² serve as a forum for scholarly exchange, knowledge sharing, and inspiration and hence supports the work that is ongoing in the various research projects and – networks, and vice versa do the research groups and – networks build the scholarly foundation of C².
C²-members engage in a broad variety of research projects and –networks. Four projects and networks are strongly represented in C²: DECIDIS (Democracy and Citizenship in Digital Society), Digital Joy, Death Online, and IT i Folkeskolen. Read more about these under Research.