Kids on the web

Tablets and mobile devices have changed the way we access the internet – both for ourselves and for out children. With stationary computers and laptops, the industry has through the years provided parents with the option of parental control so that children could roam the web safely. New research from projects with ITU researcher Gitte stald now shows that parents see it differently when children access the internet on mobile devices.

In the project EU Kids Online, the research team has found that parents are less likely to monitor children’s internet use when they access it on mobile devices. The parents see the use as more ‘private’. Ironically, this means that online risks for kids in Europe have actually increased from 2010 to 2013.

The project EU Kids Online now recommends that industry stakeholders should prioritise to facilitate new technology for parents to support and monitor their children when they roam the internet.

Read the new EU Kids Online report here (PDF).
Read the LSE (London School of Economics) press release on the report here.

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