From sharing to friendship

Hans is retired and lives alone in his house after he became a widower several years ago. Life was in many ways difficult for Hans after his wife passed away but last year he decided to embrace life again and develop new interests. Encouraged by his son he bought a computer, but learning how to use it turned out to be a major challenge for Hans.
Fortunately Hans discovered that help was readily available a few houses down the road where Henning lives. Henning is also retired but due to failing health he has found it increasingly hard to clear the pathway in front of his house for snow during wintertime. Last year Hans politely volunteered to clear the snow for Henning. When Hans told Henning about his computer problems, Henning saw a chance to return the favour.
Henning is very good with computers thanks to his work experience, and he found it easy to bring Hans online and interesting to explain him the possibilities of modern technology and the world wide web.
Today a friendship has developed that reaches beyound their exchange of favours.

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